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The Adinkrahene (the line underneath designates the action required and emphasis added) reminds us of what it means to have the Africa Label.

A rich, royal label should have heritage, excellence and beauty embedded in it and that’s our vision also. Let’s see to getting the dignity restored to the Africa Label



Our mission is fairly simple: Beautiful Clothes with Just Commerce,

because we all know it is never just clothes we want. We want something that tells a story as well as excellent products and service.

To meet this mission we work as a co-operative, have a collaborative approach and go beyond fair trade to good trade in a business that does good. Having a ‘trade not aid’ approach is the most sustainable way to impact a community and make a lasting contribution.



You can rest in knowing that you would be working with people who have 20 years of experience in tailoring and manufacturing.



Getting started is easy. Get in contact with us and lets work on getting you some beautiful clothes with a certified Africa Label




Please fill in your details below and we will get back to you. If enquiring about our services please also include information about quantities and style and fabric details.

About Us

We operate the factory on the basis of ‘just commerce’. This means a good wage, not merely a ‘minimum/living wage’ (we pay three times the national average for clothes’ makers in Ghana – this is based on a regular reviewed sustainable income for those working in Accra), medical support, excellent health and safety conditions and a 35 hour week. All the staff, despite having little education beyond primary school, receive regular in-house skills training – and many are now also proficient in IT, using Photoshop, Excel, email and Word.

All our staff have bank accounts, email addresses and employment contracts, 20 days paid holiday (in addition to the National holidays). Basic literacy training and IT training is also encouraged and facilitated in house. All our staff use our self service HR where they can apply for leave, receive payslips and notifications,  develop their CV’s and communication and other transferable skills.

Each garment is made by one dressmaker – so we do not do line piece work which we consider to be de-skilling. We identify and encourage the growth of talents but also give all the staff the opportunity to have a full understanding of the production process.

We foster a gentle, supportive working environment. We employ equal numbers of men and women. Our youngest employee is around 22 years old and many have been with the company since the start whilst others have been there for over 10 years.

Running a factory in Ghana is not a simple affair and it takes commitment, constant monitoring and a large dose of optimism. We think our staff are fantastic and we celebrate their efforts to work towards their own sustainable futures by improving their skills, earning the best possible income and contributing to improving standards of work and to the growth of the Ghana economy.

The re-positioning of the factory as a made to measure/bespoke, sampling and niche production enterprise in 2017 after 20 years in action was encouraged by founder Helen Teague after the factory’s success of handling international orders which included Sixteen47 and French & Teague (stock in Liberty, Harrods and Selfridges in the UK).